Volunteer History

Carol Lewis has compiled the guild’s volunteer efforts, from quilt donations to Community organizations and for national disasters and Covid masks.

Back in the 1980s, members actively met, shared projects and donated quilts to community organizations.  Quilting Girls of the early 80s.

By 2020, before the pandemic halted our meetings, the guild had donated 6500 quilts;

pouches for critters burned in the Australian fires;

and over 1300 masks and caps to area agencies like the Baxter Regional Medical Center and Hospice of the Ozarks.

The guild keeps track and reports to the city of Mt Home our volunteer hours.  Here is how you can contribute to that recorded effort.


Please print this form, record your volunteer hours from August 1 through July 31st and give them to The Membership Chairman.  You can count hours for teaching Quilting in and outside of the guild, Community Quilt submissions (all of the hours spent making the quilt), selling Raffle Quilt tickets, helping with the raffle quilt construction and on.  If you have any questions about what counts toward volunteer hours, please call the Membership Chairman. Click link to print volunteer hours for guild–Volunteer Hours Form 6:7:23

Our Mission – The Hill 'N Hollow Quilters Guild is founded to preserve, promote, share and teach the art of quilting.