The Suggestion Lady

I’m Hill ‘n Hollow Harriet, the Suggestion Box Lady. The President Elect,  2018 Jodi McCray, will share your suggestions with the Board.

I want to hear your suggestions and ideas for Hill ‘n Hollow –
ways to make things better, different things to do,
whatever you want to share with me.
All you have to do is follow these steps:

.  Fill out a suggestion form  (Click here  for Harriet’s Suggestion Form)
.  Sign your name
.  Fold it up real small and put it in my delicate pouty little mouth
(You can also print this form, scan it and email it to the President Elect–2018 Jodi McCray)

I will take care of getting the suggestions to the Board
and they will be in contact with you to respond to your suggestion.
Just a word of warning though!Any unsigned suggestions will
not be reviewed – after all if it is a good idea you will want to take credit!

And any complaints, gripes, moans and groans, or plain old fashioned grumbles that do not include a SUGGESTION will not be reviewed.
If you see a problem, tell us how to fix it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Our Mission – The Hill 'N Hollow Quilters Guild is founded to preserve, promote, share and teach the art of quilting.