2024 Guild Challenge

Diane Siddons is our Challenge Chair– [email protected] for more information. The Challenge Rules are as follows:

Challenge Quilt 2024 – No Veteran Left Behind

  1. Quilts for the 2024 Challenge are to be patriotic in theme and color. 
  2. They can be lap size for veterans that are wheelchair bound.  They can be quilted capes to be worn around the shoulders.  They can be twin size to fit a hospital bed. 
  3. They can include pockets or a built-in sleeve to help keep hands warm.
  4. They must be quilted and bound before submission.  If quilting and/or binding is done by a different person, that will be considered as a group project and should be so noted on the entry form for the challenge.  These quilts will be eligible for judging and if chosen, the award is to be shared by the group.
  5. The entries will be judged (date to be determined, but probably our November or December meeting). 
  6. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners that will retain their quilt ownership until after our 2025 quilt show, at which time they will go to Community Quilt Committee for distribution.
  7. All other submitted quilts will go to Community Quilt Committee after judging for distribution to area veterans who are either on hospice care at home, or in local nursing homes, that have never received a Quilt of Valor.

If you know of any local veterans who would be eligible for one of these quilts (which I’m sure will be spectacular!!), please submit names so that they will be on the list for the Community Quilt Committee for distribution.   I was also informed at our last meeting, if you know of a veteran who has not received a Quilt of Valor and you wish to have them considered, please go to their website for information.

Diane Siddons, Challenge Quilt Chair


In 2023, our World in a Bag Challenge donated our bags to “Into The Light” organization for their work with children being trafficked.

World in a Bag Winners: First Place–Donna Perrin; Second Place–Sharon Crozier; Third Place–Carol Lewis. Well done ladies!

The Quilt Challenge for 2023 was making bags to be donated to the Into the Light organization who work to rescued children in Mountain Home from sex trafficking.

Diane challenged us: “I’ve seen a lot of bags made by Hill ‘N Hollow members and I know that we can make bags that are beautiful, fun, and will bring a little joy to these kids. We will display and vote at our September general meeting, so that they can be displayed at our quilt show in October.”

Bags should be no bigger than 30 x 40.
Bags can have handles, drawstrings, or straps (could even be made as a backpack style) Bags may have zippers, buttons, or flaps for closures.
Bags must be quilted.
Bags may be embellished.
Bags may have compartments like pockets on either the inside or the outside.
ADDED CHALLENGE: Make the bag multi purposed!

Thank you all!! Diane Siddons

Last year’s theme was “My Favorite Season in the Ozarks.”  The winners were

Mary Jo Smith won First Place in the Challenge–

Mary Jo Smith, First Place in 2022 Guild Challenge

Sue Herron won Second Place

Roxine Burch won Third Place

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